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The Woods at Parkside releases guide to prescription drug addiction

GAHANNA, OHIO, USA, July 5, 2022 / — The Woods at Parkside has released a guide on how to become addicted to prescription drugs. It reviews the risks, why people become addicted, the most popular drugs they become addicted to, and how to seek help.

People do not plan to become addicted to their prescription medications, but can often become addicted to the feeling of their pain relief. Groups that are at higher risk for prescription drug addiction include:

• Advanced age
• Female gender
• Poor or fair general health
• Drink daily
• Use of the drug for non-medical purposes

Many of the drugs that people take and become addicted to are usually associated with prescription drugs given after surgery or to help treat a mental health condition. The five most common prescription drugs that people become addicted to are:

1. Opioids: Given to help manage severe pain.
2. Anti-anxiety drugs: prescribed to reduce or prevent anxiety.
3. Sedatives: Helps people sleep after painful procedures.
4. Barbiturates: Used as sedatives to achieve deep, restorative sleep.
5. CNS stimulants: Central nervous system stimulants for ADHD.

Drugs that are addictive usually give someone a pleasurable experience that they want to continue having. They often solve the problems the person had by relieving pain or making it easier to sleep. However, as the body adapts to the medication, it may give someone less pleasure and not solve the problem, which is when someone can increase their dose.

Some signs of prescription drug addiction include:

• Steal prescription drugs
• Forge Ordinances
• Sell prescriptions or prescription drugs
• Have mood swings
• Make bad decisions or bad judgments
• Request refills sooner than needed
• Consult different doctors to get more prescriptions

The Woods at Parkside is a residential detox and recovery facility that can help people with addictions in Gahanna, Ohio. The staff includes doctors, nurses, and therapists who work together to create a treatment plan that helps drug-related challenges. If someone or someone they know is struggling with drug addiction, they can visit the Woods at Parkside website to learn more about treatment options.

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