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Senator Cortez Masto says Nevada’s new prescription drug ad is fake

As elected officials and would-be politicians campaign, how do Nevada voters know what’s factual and what’s campaign?

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto called out Big Pharma today for spreading misinformation about its stance on prescription drug prices.

The ad currently airing in Nevada claims lawmakers are considering “cutting millions of dollars” that could help Nevadans with prescription drug costs.

On Tuesday in the Senate, Cortez Masto told his colleagues that the ad was patently false. And she said that although it’s said to be produced by the American Prosperity Alliance, it’s unclear who is actually funding it, but she has her suspicions.

“We don’t know who actually funded this ad, and the organization that wrote the check doesn’t have to disclose that information, and therefore no one can be held responsible. And that’s part of the problem,” he said. she declared. “And that’s why I called for accountability and transparency and who is funding these ads. is “Big Pharmacy.”

Cortez Masto said she wants her colleagues and Nevada voters to know the opposite is true with lawmakers like her working to lower prescription drug prices by capping out-of-pocket costs and allowing the government to directly negotiate prescription drug prices.

Joan J. Dean

The author Joan J. Dean