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San Diego couple travel to Ukraine to deliver medical supplies – NBC 7 San Diego

As war continues to force families from their homes in Ukraine, families in San Diego continue to help.

Nadia and Askold Haywas boarded a plane last week, taking several bags of donated medical supplies with them. They landed in Warsaw, Poland and then traveled to Lviv, Ukraine.

On Sunday, Nadia Haywas spoke with NBC 7 about their experience.

“It’s easier to take it ourselves because we’re here in 10 hours,” Haywas said.

Haywas explained that it was faster and more efficient than shipping the items. Once in the field, they can hand off supplies directly to organizations they know will send items to the frontlines or where they are needed most.

“Tourniquets save lives…we need tourniquets that don’t break,” she said.

Lviv has suffered some brutal attacks in recent weeks, although Haywas says it is safer than eastern Ukraine, where most of the devastation and fighting is taking place. They always take precautions when leaving their accommodation.

“We try not to go where there’s a big crowd,” she said.

This weekend, they went to a station where refugees from the East are arriving in large numbers.

“Everyone is traumatised, whether they lived through a bombing and had to leave their house or are here accepting refugees,” she said.

They currently live with her husband’s family who live in Lviv – grateful to be united with them in safety.

“We couldn’t both stay home and not see them… not knowing when this war was going to end and if we were ever going to be able to see them again.

Hayward says the need for humanitarian and medical assistance is overwhelming. She is proud of the outpouring of support from San Diegans.

“We couldn’t have provided this help without the generosity of the people of San Diego.”

She added that one of the best ways people can continue to help is to make a financial donation to Ukraine House, as it allows them to buy the supplies they need in bulk to send to the stranger. You can donate by visiting their website here.

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