Medical supplies

Redcliff family sends medical supplies to Ukraine

“We mainly sought out friends, acquaintances, through social media and got decent support,” says Alison. “The next step is to go out into the community and find as much as you can. We can take up to 10 suitcases of supplies. We need help to finance 10 suitcases of supplies.

The supplies will go to Lutsk, the town where Asher was adopted from. Raymond plans to fly with the supplies collected here to Poland on April 29. From there, the supplies will be transported to the Ukrainian border. Alison says they have prepared for the quick turnaround and are still looking for more help.

” Hurry up. We order most of our supplies online, so we need to be aware of shipping times to get items to us. We have raised $6,000 so far. We’d love to see it end at around $10,000, or even up to $15,000. They can use whatever we can bring.

Their children also helped raise funds.

“They decided to sell candies and bags of candy, and they did very well. They brought in some of their teachers, some of their friends from the neighborhood and they were able to raise $153 to help us.

The family is grateful that Asher doesn’t have to experience what is happening overseas.

“We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to bring him home,” says Raymond. “It’s been four years, but just to be able to say he’s here and he doesn’t have to go through what all these people are going through right now is really lucky for him.”

The Vis family is setting up a GoFundMe for anyone in the community who wants to donate. If you would like more information on how to donate, or would like to learn more about Asher’s story, you can visit the family’s Facebook page, Raising Brave.

Joan J. Dean

The author Joan J. Dean