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Local Ukrainian group sends medical supplies to Ukraine

A group of local Ukrainians who have called the Bay Area their home for a few years now, are doing all they can to help hospitals in their country which are seeing an overflow of patients due to the current Russian invasion.

What do you want to know

  • Local Ukrainians work together to help those in their home country
  • The group is largely made up of healthcare workers
  • They hope to have a positive impact on the lives of those still living in Ukraine

Sergeiy Kushchayev heals people for a living.

“I’m a neuroradiologist at Moffit Cancer Center,” he said. “I was a neurosurgeon in Ukraine for 10 years.”

He immigrated to the Bay Area with his family over ten years ago. After seeing events unfold in his country, he felt he had to do something.

“A few days after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” he said, “we got together and created a group of volunteers to help our country.”

The group is mainly made up of healthcare workers and is made up of Ukrainians who did not know each other just a few months ago.

Andriy Marusyk is one of the band members.

“A very interesting kind of story,” he said. “Once the active phase of the war began, Ukrainians started talking to each other to figure out how we could help.”

Collectively, they have contacted hospitals across the country to find surgical items they can ship.

“Anything to do with bone fractures and wound repair,” Marusyk told Bay News 9.

It’s a process they take very seriously.

The group is committed to communicating with doctors in Ukraine to find out what they need and to ensure they receive shipments. Kushchayev said what he is most grateful for is the support he has found here to help those in his beloved country.

“Everyone is trying to do their best for our country and now we are just one family,” he said. “We have created something valuable for our Ukrainian people and people who are hurting right now, so it’s so happy to have the opportunity to help.”

A war halfway around the world continues to bring strangers together across the Bay Area.

With manufacturing of jabil offering free shipping, this group has been able to send two shipments of medical devices so far, they plan to ship as many supplies as possible for as long as the country faces need.

To support the group and find out how you can help, just click here.

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