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Kate Garraway fans rally to collect Derek’s life-saving medical supplies she left in a taxi

Kate Garraway was helped by fans to find the lost property of Derek Draper. (Getty)

Kate Garraway thanked fans who helped her recover husband Derek Draper’s vital medical supplies that were lost in a black cab after an urgent call.

The Hello Brittany The presenter was driving Draper home from the hospital for a weekend visit, but tweeted on Friday that she had left a briefcase containing all of her essential medication and kit in the black cab they were traveling in.

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She wrote: “@BC_Lostproperty to help!! Just took Derek home in a black mobility cab from the hospital for a weekend visit – and left a briefcase with all his meds and kit out front! The driver recognized me but may not know he is there – please watch and get in touch – urgently needed!!”

Appearing in a new episode of Love Your Garden, Kate Garraway was shown sharing her new garden with her husband Derek Draper who remains in a wheelchair after his highly publicized battle with COVID-19.

Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper, still needs constant care. (IVT)

Draper spent a year in hospital after becoming the UK’s worst-affected surviving COVID patient and although he returned home earlier this year, he still needs round-the-clock care and support. regular hospital treatment.

Garraway fans were quick to support her with suggestions on how to find lost items and order emergency prescriptions, but luckily the message reached a fan who was able to locate the missing case.

They tweeted: “I know the driver Kate as he mentioned he picked me up with you and your husband tonight. I’m trying to contact you right now.”

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A relieved Garraway confirmed on Sunday that the fan’s helper had managed to retrieve the urgently needed supplies, and also thanked the driver.

Kate Garraway attends the 2022 Prince's Trust Awards at Theater Royal Drury Lane on May 24, 2022 in London, England.  (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Kate Garraway finally got the case back. (Wireframe)

She tweeted: “It was returned! Thank you to everyone who reached out – the message reached the lovely driver Robert who returned it – phew and thank you all. #Happy Sunday everyone

One fan commented, “The power of Twitter.”

Another added: “Absolutely amazing news Kate.”

Garraway wrote a book, The power of hopeon the experiences of his family who have been hit hard by COVID and have also made two ITV documentaries, Finding Derek and Take care of Derekwho have won awards.

She and Draper share two children and she said she still had hope that her husband would one day recover from his illness.

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