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Jedsy delivers vital medical supplies to Malawi

by DRONELIFE Editor Ian M Crosby

drone delivery company Jedsy uses its innovative drone technology to serve countries like Malawi, which lack the infrastructure to receive needed medical supplies.

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Jedsy provides vital supplies, such as blood, medicine and vaccines. The company’s first drone office in Malawi has been active since last year, with its seven-person team building and operating Jedsy drones independently. The team is constantly expanding due to the increased demand for deliveries.

Jedsy’s delivery drones are capable of performing what would normally be a 185 minute delivery in just 34 minutes. Drones are on average 2.8 times faster than ambulances and provide savings of more than 50% compared to current spending by the Malawi Ministry of Health.

With a patented charging and landing station, the Jedsy drone is the world’s first and only decentralized solution in the drone delivery market, capable of landing directly on a building as well as taking off from it. This technology allows deliveries to be made directly to a window or balcony, a huge advantage over other drone delivery services that either drop off packages or require an open space to land.

“The demand for fast, secure and reliable deliveries is becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced society,” said Jedsy CEO and Founder Herbert Weirather. “So our approach at Jedsy is always ‘Product is King’ and ‘Customer First’. Therefore, our requirement for a delivery drone is to surpass the status quo. So we succeeded in developing an advanced delivery drone because we can land and load directly on the building (for example at the window or balcony). This way, our customers don’t have to free their packages from the trees because they parachuted in there, and they don’t need a garden where the drone can land. Open the window and take out the package! Nothing more.”

The Jedsy team has set a target of 50,000 deliveries to Malawi by 2022.

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