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EcoMedSupply: A Leading Provider Of Environmentally Friendly Medical Supplies, Office Supplies And Foodservice In The United States

EcoMedSupply continues its mission of providing top-notch green supplies that offer high level protection and meet ASTM Level 3 mask standards with one of the highest filtrations on the market.

Protecting the environment is not the business of environmental specialists alone. All hands should be on deck to ensure that the land and its contents are preserved for continued survival and existence. There is no gain in saying that balance is getting harder and harder to achieve, but with organizations like EcoMedSupply, it is now possible to conserve land and make it suitable for habitation.

EcoMedSupply has provided environmentally friendly products, all meeting ASTM standards for high level protection. Founded by Barbara Inwald, MD, EcoMedSupply prides itself on its ability to provide customers with a wide selection of supplies while making them environmentally friendly. While other companies compromise on quality or skimp on catalog size, EcoMedSupply offers thousands of products from hundreds of vendors in an easy-to-use centralized marketplace designed for start-to-finish simplicity and convenience.

EcoMedSupply’s categories of green supplies include medical, dental, personal and skin, veterinary and pet care, office and food. Within the medical supplies category, there are exam room supplies, PPE and staff clothing, office and home care, bed pans and incontinence care, and EMS supplies. , among other articles. The dental supplies category offers supplies for all parts of the dental office, including toothbrushes and floss, HVEs, saliva ejectors, prophylaxis angles, micro-applicators, syringe tips A / W, arc trays, impression syringes, and examination room paper products.

Spas, wellness centers, and homes in need of green skin care supplies will find the best products in EcoMedSupply’s personal and skin care supplies category. Veterinarians and pets are also included in EcoMedSupply’s scope to provide environmentally friendly supplies. EcoMedSupply is undoubtedly leading the way in the conservation of natural life with its categories of food and office supplies.

In addition to this, EcoMedSupply offers an informative section on its website, educating visitors about the environmental impact on healthcare and why concerted efforts should be made to ensure that only environmentally friendly products are made and used around the world today. To join the Ensuring the Earth is Safe for Home and for Posterity course, please visit and purchase one of the very affordable and environmentally friendly products available.

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