Generic drugs

DTI will push investments in the manufacture of generic drugs

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is committed to making more generic medicines available on the market in line with its priority of promoting life sciences and health.

Responding to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s call in his first State of the Nation (SONA) address on Monday for more accessible and cheaper drugs, DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual at the post-SONA economic briefing , said yesterday that the agency would encourage the entry of more generic drugs in two ways.

One is through multinational companies whose drugs will be formulated and manufactured locally under subcontracting agreements with local companies.

The second way is to encourage the local pharmaceutical industry to launch into the production of generics.

In a statement, Johannes Bernabe, OCI chairman of the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), said the agency has been advocating since its inception for measures that will remove barriers to entry and viability for manufacturers of generic drugs in the country.

Bernabe said the production of unbranded generic drugs in the country lags behind even among other developing countries.

The Commission has also been constantly monitoring and reviewing possible anti-competitive situations, including cartels, that may exist in the different segments of the pharmaceuticals supply chain, Bernabe said.

“The Philippines is known to have one of the highest drug costs in Asia,” Bernabe said.

Bernabe expressed the CCP’s commitment to continue with even more determination the investigation of the pharmaceutical sector, in addition to its current efforts in this priority sector and to uphold its mandate to crack down on cartels and abusive behavior in different industries. , including this sector.

Joan J. Dean

The author Joan J. Dean