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Dabawenyos accumulates brand-name paracetamol but supply of generic drugs is stable

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / Jan 08) – Pharmacies here are running out of branded paracetamol due to hoarding, but the Davao chapter of the Pharmacists Association of the Philippines (PPHA) has assured the public that the supply of generic drugs remained stable.

PPHA Davao President Dr Kenny James Merin told a virtual reporter on Friday that Dabawenyos may no longer be able to buy branded paracetamol at local pharmacies due to fears over the threat of the variant. Omicron in the country triggered panic buying behavior. .

“Don’t panic, buy. If you buy when you don’t need it, those who really need paracetamol won’t be able to buy, ”he added.

The city predicts an increase in coronavirus cases by the third or fourth week of this month due to holiday gatherings.

As of January 7, the Department of Health (DOH) -Davao reported 99 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 54,124 with 243 active, 52,088 recovered and 1,793 dead.

Merin said some pharmacies may run out of stocks of branded paracetamol, but told the public there is no need to panic buying because they can still get generic drugs.

Merin said the generic drugs are as effective as their branded counterparts.

These days, he said, many customers buy paracetamol in boxes.

“Rest assured that our pharmacies are replenishing their stocks. We have generic or alternative brands of our paracetamol. So those who need it, they can always get paracetamol, ”he said.

He added that pharmacies have been instructed to limit each customer’s purchase to one or two tampons pending replenishment of stocks “to ensure that everyone in our community will have access to paracetamol if they have any. need, especially for those with flu or flu-like symptoms.

“Currently, the stock level of our paracetamol is really low. Why is that? In every business we have what is called inventory leveling and it will be depleted by the sudden increase in demand. It doesn’t mean that we can’t look for stocks anymore, ”he said.

He said they expect more stocks of paracetamol to arrive in the city in the coming weeks.

He warned the public to be cautious in purchasing paracetamols online and at other stores amid the proliferation of counterfeit drugs.

“Buy only from legitimate pharmacies. Do not buy in other stores without a pharmacist because you are putting yourself in danger. If you buy from legitimate pharmacies, you can rest assured that their generic drugs are as effective as brand name drugs, ”he said.

He added that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) recently warned against the proliferation of counterfeit drugs.

He said counterfeit drugs can cause serious health problems.

“Don’t compromise your security. The selling price of online sellers will no longer matter, because what matters is whether they have the power to sell. If they are not regulated by the FDA, it only means that the quality of their product is not verified, ”he added. (Antonio L. Colina IV / MindaNews)

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